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It is to bring into the kind notice of the interested people who want to be a part of the extraordinarily exemplary journey of Igniters- For Tomorrow set forth with a vision to provide better educational services to students in their city itself. We announce vacant positions for teachers in the following Subjects:

  • 1. Physics - Class IX, X, XI, XII and JEE
  • 2. Chemistry - Class IX, X, XI, XII and JEE
  • 3. Mathematics - Class IX, X, XI, XII and JEE
  • 4. Biology - Class IX,X, XI, XII and NEET
  • 5. Computer Science - Class XI, XII (C++, Java, VB)


We require a person-

  • 1. Who takes teaching more as passion than profession.
  • 2. Who wants to make people learn with a view to serve the nation.
  • 3. For whom being a teacher is a thing of great responsibility.
  • 4. Who is faithfull towards the organization where he works.
  • 5. Who has an exemplary academic record with passion towards teaching others.
  • 6. Who has the knowledge of the concerned area fair enough to deliver it to students.
  • 7. Who wants to improve upon their organization behaviour.
  • 8. Who understands the need of a student in present sccenario.
  • 9. For whom giving education comes first than money.

If you possess most of the above mentioned qualities then you can apply for the above mentioned vacancies.


In order to apply for the vacant positions, please mail your Resume along with the undermentioned information to

  • 1. Full Name
  • 2. Father's Name
  • 3. Current address
  • 4. Mobile No
  • 5. Why you want to join Us?
  • 6. Which subject do you want to teach?
  • 7. Are you satisfied with the present state of education in India? What changes would you like to suggest in the present education system in India?
  • 8. Your Hobbies
  • 9. Your previous experience of teaching (If any)

Mail the above mentioned details along with your resume to