Defence Entrance Preparation Courses Offered by Igniters

It is said that life is all about the choices we make, paths we take and decision we make. As graduating /graduate/post graduate students when you look back there is lot that you like to change but unfortunately we can not.

At this time although we can do what they say "Take decisions and make them right" . So, all the students of biological science who feel that there is lack of career opportunity or bright future prospects can now think otherwise. You can prove to people that your decision of choosing biological science was not wrong.

We provide you an opportunity to know how you can do so. "Igniters For Tomorrow" announces for the first time in Uttarakhand preparatory courses for entrance exams of reputed Universities/Institutions like JNU/DU/BHU/IITs/IISc Bangalore/GBPUAT Pantnagar/ICAR and many more under one roof.

Give yourself an opportunity to be at the place which we think and believe is not made for us. One year of preparation can topple your world completely. You will be among the best of the people, best of faculties, best of places at the heart of opportunities. You will achieve all that has been missing so far : A bright career, Low Fees, Scholarships, Name for yourself and your family and great opportunities to study across the globe.

The most nagging question for the students of graduation/post graduation is about their future : What after this? If you too are haunted by this question then we bring you a wonderful chance to find a great solution to this problem.

Reputed Universities/Institutions like JNU/DU/BHU/IITs/IISc Bangalore/GBPUAT Pantnagar/ICAR, etc conduct entrance exams for their master degree courses on Life Science/Biotechnology for MSc. and M.Tech

Give your career the campus it needs...get started today to be ahead of the rest of the crowd.

Types of Courses Offered

For Students Completing/Completed Graduation in BioTech
MSc General Competitions
For Students Completing/Completed Graduation in Life Sciences
MSc General Competitions
For Students Completing/Completed Graduation in BioTech
GATE General Competitions