Our Concept

We at Igniters were astonished beyond belief when we came across the following line by PAWAN VERMA in his his book "The Great Indian Middle Class".

"For all the achievements of the Indian State in the last fifty years there is, for its middle and elite classes a crippling ideological barrenness which threatens to convert India into vastly unethical and insensitive aggregation of wants"

In this era of result oriented education, even if we may like to call that education, we at Igniters are committed to provide education which is not only comprehensive and holistic but is also value based, and ethical, Education without ethics has proved to be a great threat to the society and nation. We therefore lay great stress upon ethics and values alongwith quality education, and at the same time empower the students through these values and ethics, to fight against the evils of the society and therefore serve the rightful purpose of real education.

The changes that we make today will lay the foundation for tomorrow. We focus on being a vector in life so that our collective efforts may be directed towards character making, man making and nation building.